The magic of crystals used by Druids for foretelling the future

Published: 02nd January 2009
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The reality of the magic of crystals used by Druids for foretelling the future.

In 'The Voyages of Joseph of Avalon' the author, Ronald Rayner explains the intriguing reality of the magic of crystal used by Druids for foretelling the future.

We learn from this book, that after 15 years of training, often at the prestigious Druid Cors on the west coast of Britain, Druid Priests were not only experts in law and administration and in making up and applying herbal medicines, but also in divining or scrying (literally 'to reveal or see dimly') to gain illumination. That is, to foretell the future using crystals and the course of the stars.

It is revealed that the Druids' methods were simple. They divined the future by combining meditation with the use of crystals - an assortment of which was used. The most potent and powerful of all, we find, is the crystal skull, which was carved from natural rock crystal. So valuable was it that they were usually in the possession of local Kings who had the means to afford them. Crystal wands were also used, as well as a sphere of rock crystal - a little larger in size than an orange - similar to those used by fortune tellers in recent times.

In addition to the powers of crystals, we learn of the powerful gemstone-studded breastplate known as 'The Urim and Thummin'. We are presented with a startling admission from Joseph of Avalon on the potential of 'The Urim and Thummin' as he presents a leather thong of gemstones - to be set into a breastplate - to the Priests at Druid Cor in Britain as a thank you gift.

So convinced is Joseph of the ability of 'The Urim and Thummin' to aid in divining the future that he warns the Priests that they may see future events of a nature that they may not wish to see. His experience tells him that scrying reveals the How of God and the Why of God.

For our benefit and to reach a conclusion about the viability and value of Druid techniques, the author Ronald Rayner carries out various scrying techniques himself. He conducts these ceremonies of scrying using a rock crystal skull, rock crystal wand and rock crystal ball. His startling results are revealed in 'The Voyages of Joseph of Avalon', as they happen, in a factually unbiased way. It makes for fascinating reading.

Ronald Rayner's Fascinating Book 'The Voyages of Joseph of Avalon, The boy Jesus and the Crystal Skull' is available to buy in paperback now from or from Amazon.

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